Ask The Hairy Dogfathers: Drooling to Go to the Dog Park

A proud pet parent can’t wait to bring her new puppy to the dog park with his older brother. Is it too soon? The Hairy Dogfathers have a few suggestions.

I am so excited! I just got another Boston pup! His name is Bruno, and he is just the absolute best friend for my older Boston, Jerry. Before Bruno came along, Jerry was an only child, and we spent plenty of our time at the dog park. I am sure that Jerry is happy with his new playmate, but he must be missing his old friends as well! When can I bring Bruno to the dog park? He’s 9 weeks old, and I can’t wait for him to meet the whole crew!

– Proud Momma

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André says:

It’s nice to hear that Bruno and Jerry are getting along so well. I’m sure Bruno will get along great with the dog part crew, but it’s best if he does a little of growing up first. It is very important to socialize your pup, and the dog park may seem like a good opportunity to do just that. The problem is that there are so many factors outside of your control in a dog park situation. I would suggest taking baby steps – get Bruno registered in a puppy class or a puppy play time that allows pups to play and get to know other dogs around their age and stage of development. When Bruno gets a little older, you may want to invite some of your dog park friends out for a walk, and Bruno can get to know a few of them that way. Once Bruno is well socialized and confident meeting new dogs, you can definitely take him for short visits to the dog park. During this time, there certainly isn’t anything wrong with taking Jerry to play with his crew, knowing that little bro will be able to join them soon enough.

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Kevin says:

Oh that’s so cute! I really love Boston Terriers – such gentleman! And you have two… I am so jealous.

I agree – it’s important to get Bruno out and making some friends. But why not start with something a little more structured? Ask your dog park friends for a really great puppy kindergarten class. A proper kindergarten class is going to build his confidence, as he learns the ropes with other dogs near to his age. The instructor will have a lot of experience running these classes and will be able to guide you on the best course for Bruno’s development. It’s also important with a new pup to make sure you spend some time alone together, to strengthen your bond.

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