Ask The Hairy Dogfathers: In Need of a Donation Rescue!

After being stood up by a rescue, a pair of grieving pet parents doesn’t know what to do with their dearly departed dog’s possessions. The Hairy Dogfathers are on your side with a few helpful pointers.

Our dearly departed Lundi has left us with many great memories. He was a beautiful Schnauzer, and brought us much happiness. We are not at a point where we will be getting another dog. But during his lifetime, Lundi certainly collected a great deal of possessions! There are his beds, his bowls, and all of his toys! He was a clean and gentle little man, and his belongings are in great condition.

We contacted a local rescue, we sent them pictures and told them about how Lundi had loved these toys. The woman who answered us told us that they would be happy to take the items. We arranged a time for pick-up. But sadly, no one came. So we contacted the rescue again, and scheduled another pick-up. No one came that time either.

Do they not want Lundi’s toys and beds because he died? Have we somehow offended them by offering them used goods?

What would you do if you were in our situation?

Thank you,

Lundi’s Parents

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André says:

I’m so sorry to hear about Lundi. You are generous to honor his memory by giving his possessions to a local rescue. I want to put your mind at ease, it’s not your or Lundi’s fault that his belongings aren’t being picked up, I would chalk it up to a lack of organization. Rescues rely a lot on volunteers, and even though they all mean well, they generally have day jobs and other responsibilities that can get in the way from doing all they would like to do to support the organization. Since you are getting another dog soon… have you considered keeping some of these items for the new dog? I know that many people prefer to get new things for a new dog, but I thought I would put it out there.

Alternatively, I would recommend that you ask if you can drop these items off at the rescue, that way you can do so on your own schedule. If this rescue continues to be difficult to deal with there may be another could be better. If all else fails, other charitable organizations like the Salvation Army would also be happy take these items.

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Kevin says:

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about Lundi. He sounds like a perfect little dog! How wonderful that his belongings can help another little dog. I agree with André: go and drop them off. But maybe at a different shelter or rescue, one that is perhaps a little more organized. This will give you a chance to see first-hand the dogs you are helping. This may be a nice memory for you, seeing some cute, deserving, homeless dogs who are going to benefit from your generosity. What a lovely thought to share! Before you go, call ahead. There may be some other items in your home you are willing to part with that the rescue is in dire need of as well! Common items like paper towels, old towels, cleaning supplies and newspapers – they are often much needed by rescues to help the animals in their care.

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