Ask The Hairy Dogfathers: Nosey Neighbors Raise A Stink

Woo hoo! The warmer weather is upon us – but as the snow melts, it soon reveals smelly surprises (we mean dog poop). When it starts to stink, the Hairy Dogfathers have this sweet advice to deal with a delicate matter.

Dear Hairy Dogfathers,

We live next door to the most wonderful couple, and their three very large dogs. We have no pets of our own, and we do enjoy spoiling the dogs next door. For a few milk bones, they offer us all the benefits of having pets, without any of the work. The problem is that with the recent warm weather, we want to be out enjoying our patio. Our patio is right next to the spot in the neighbor’s yard that apparently the dogs have been using as a bathroom all winter. To put it mildly, it stinks! My wife and I can’t enjoy our backyard for more than a few moments without gagging. How do we bring up this situation with our neighbors, without appearing to be nosey?

Signed, Not a Nosey Neighbor

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André says:

Dear Not a Nosey Neighbor,

As a dog owner, I know how my backyard looks like when the snow starts to melt and it isn’t pretty. Every urban dog owner knows they have to deal with this kind of situation, and most of us don’t exactly look forward to it. That said, it’s not okay if it affects the neighbors… after all, it’s your living space too. Don’t feel bad about approaching them and asking when they plan on doing their spring “clean up.” Good dog owners love neighbors that love their dogs, so this should swiftly resolve the problem. Another strategy would be to look up local “Scoopy Poo” type companies that offer dog owners yard clean up services, and drop off a flyer in their mailbox.

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Kevin says:

Oh no! Do you live next door to us? I am so sorry; I will get right on it!

But seriously, if you have a good relationship with your neighbors, print this article off and put it in the mailbox!

I agree with my hubby on this one. You got to approach them. Maybe offer to have them over for a BBQ? Say something along the lines of: “I know you must be busy, but as soon as spring cleaning is done in your yard, we can fire up the BBQ and have you over to kick off patio season!” Then pass out some beers and burgers, and invite the dogs, too!

Hairy Dogfathers
Hairy Dogfathers

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