Ask The Hairy Dogfathers: Doggy Bag Deal Breaker?

There’s nothing wrong with bringing home a restaurant doggy bag for your dog when you’ve got food left over on your plate. But what about leftovers on a stranger’s plate? The Dogfathers weigh in.

Hey Hairydog Fathers,

You will not believe what happened! My sister has a new boyfriend. She really wanted us to meet him, as he might be “the one!” Wanting to keep it casual and low key, we went for burgers and beers at a local pub. We were enjoying our meals, and the server was cleaning up a nearby table. As the server was walking by, the new beau noticed there were some leftover fries on the plate – he asked the server to stop and come to the table.

The new boyfriend reached over to the used plate and grabbed some of the fries. He then proudly explained that he was bringing some of these fries home for his dog. To seal the deal, he wrapped the used food in a napkin and pocketed it.

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The server looked humiliated and I was so embarrassed to be seen with this guy. I quickly went to the bathroom. I seriously could not handle how gross this was, to be picking off other people’s plates. Strangers’ plates headed for the garbage! Ugh! I am still so upset by this!

Do you think I’m making too big a deal over this and are you on the barf bandwagon?

Signed, Upset Stomach

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Dear Upset Stomach

I know we should be accepting of all kinds of people, but in this circumstance I’m totally with you, this guy is gross! I’m a huge dog lover and I understand wanting to bring something home for your pup, but he could have just kept some of his own fries – what he did was practically dumpster diving. Thankfully you’re not the one dating him, but if this is a situation you don’t want to repeat, you should have an honest conversation with your sister, letting her know that you won’t be double dating any time soon.

Kevin says:

Dear Upset Stomach

I hope that someone left that poor server a big tip! I am torn on this one. It’s cool the guy loves his dog enough to think about him when he’s out, but he’s clearly lacking some social skills. There are all kinds of people in this world, and while some may have gross habits, it appears your sister is willing to look past this. If nothing else, it means that he cares about his dog, and if his habits are going to gross out your sister, she will let him know. In the meantime, be happy your sister has found someone with such a big, albeit weird, heart!

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