Ask The Hairy Dogfathers: Planning A Frugal Father’s Day

Doggy Dads deserve to be celebrated on Father’s Day. But what do you do when your budget doesn’t allow for a big blowout? The Hairy Dogfathers have a few ideas cost-effective ideas that Dog Dads will love.

My husband and I don’t have kids, in the traditional sense. Our two dogs are our “fur-kids.” His mom rolls her eyes and makes cracks about wanting grandchildren that don’t shed. My husband works hard and takes great care of our family. I want to do something special for him this Father’s Day. Do you have some ideas for Father’s Day, for the non-traditional Dad? We are on a bit of a tight budget. I want to make my husband happy, but obviously the dogs aren’t going to pitch in to buy him anything.

Signed, Penny Pinching Puppies

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André says:

Dear Penny Pincher,

It’s so nice to hear you want to do something special for your husband on Father’s Day. Celebrations like Father’s Day don’t have to involve elaborate gifts or spending much money at all. Since your husband works a lot, why not organize a little outing for your family, like a hike or a long walk. Try going somewhere you haven’t been before or a special place you rarely have the time to get to. If you want to make it extra special, consider packing a lunch and making it a picnic – just remember to pack lots of water (and noms) for the fur kids! And when it comes to your mother-in-law, remind her that all grandchildren shed… some just shed slightly more than others.

Happy Furry Father Day!

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Kevin says:

Dear Penny Pincher,

My advice: keep it simple, but celebrate! Grab a doggie toy and head to the park with pup and pop, or have a barbecue in the backyard. It doesn’t have to take much money or planning to have a good time. Celebrate the occasion and save the memories by taking fun photos (doggie selfies with dad!). If you snap photos on your phone, you can edit them with cool apps that let you add text or whimsical accoutrements.

Not feeling the support from Mother-in-law? Forget her! Post the photos on your husband’s social media accounts, and the love and support will come pouring in!

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