How To Stop Your Dog Drinking From The Toilet

Kate Barrington
by Kate Barrington
Want to flush that bad habit? Here’s how to get your dog to stop using the toilet as his personal water bowl.

At some point in time, most dog owners hear that slurp-slurping sound coming from the bathroom that means their dog is drinking from the toilet. While this behavior may be both funny and confusing, it can be unsanitary as well. In this article you will learn why your dog drinks from the toilet and receive some tips for getting him to stop.

Why Dogs Drink from Toilets

The answer to this conundrum is really quite simple – your dog wants fresh water and he can find it in abundance in the toilet. While you may realize that toilet water cannot exactly be called “fresh,” for your dog it is simply a source of cool and convenient hydration. After a while, the water in your dog’s bowl becomes stagnant and warm so the water in the toilet may be more appealing. It is also possible that your dog has already finished the water in his bowl and, because he is thirsty, he seeks out another source of water and finds it in the bathroom.

The next question that comes to mind in regard to dogs drinking from the toilet is whether it is really bad for them or not. There are several risk factors to consider in letting your dog drink from the toilet. The first, of course, is the potential for transmission of harmful bacteria that could cause gastrointestinal problems in your dog. Another risk, and perhaps a more significant one, is the possibility that the bowl contains cleaning products that could be harmful to your dog. Though in many cases all your dog will experience is an upset stomach, serious consequences could result from the ingestion of chemical cleaning products in toilet water.

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Tips for Stopping the Behavior

Luckily there are several easy ways to discourage or prevent your dog from drinking out of the toilet. Here are our tips on curbing this habit:

Close the Toilet Lid: The easiest way to get your dog to stop drinking out of the toilet is to prevent him from having access to it. Closing the toilet lid ensures that your dog can’t get to the water in the toilet so he will not be able to drink it.

Keep the Bathroom Door Closed: Another simple method of preventing access to the toilet is to keep the door to your bathroom closed. In order to utilize this method effectively you will have to make sure to tell all of your family members to keep the door closed and you will need to remind guests as well.

Use Toilet-Lid Locks: Just as you would for a child, you can install locks on your toilet lid to keep your dog from getting into the toilet bowl. You can find these locks at your local home improvement or hardware store and they are generally inexpensive and easy to install.

Keep Your Dog’s Water Fresh: If the reason your dog seeks the water in the toiler is because his own water is not fresh, the solution is easy – keep the water in your dog’s bowl fresh. You can do this by emptying and refilling the bowl several times a day or by using an automatic water bowl or fountain that will do the work for you.

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Giving your dog access to fresh, clean water is very important. Not only will it help to keep him healthy and hydrated, but it will also prevent him from seeking out other water sources like the toilet. If your dog drinks from the toilet, try using one of the methods outlined in this article to stop the behavior.

Kate Barrington
Kate Barrington

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