Help Kickstart FoodieKat’s Catnip Infused Sushi Cat Toys

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Are you tired of boring cat toys that generically line the aisles of your local pet store? So is your cat, and FoodieKat’s new Catnip Infused Sushi Toys are aimed to remedy that problem!

What’s better than watching your cat go crazy over a fun, uniquely designed, catnip infused toy?

Not much, we’d venture.

Same goes for the folks at FoodieKat, a cat toy company that aims to eliminate all the dull mice, balls and streamer toys your cat has (that just end up lost under the sofa anyway, amIright?) and has started a Kickstarter for their new Catnip Infused Sushi Toys. If catnip isn’t your kitty’s gig, they have some with bells that will surely pique the feline interest!

Cats are instinctively hunters, but most pets these days don’t roam the wild looking for their next prey.

To keep things interesting (and comfy!) FoodieKat decided to go the safe and simple route!

Their collection of sushi-inspired food toys don’t have to have fancy stitching or additional ink, printing or paint to inspire your cat’s natural curiosity, and since they don’t, there is less chance of the toys tearing and breaking and/or your cat choking. The toys are made with felt, and infused with catnip. Back to basics, but in a goooood-looking way!

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Soft and durable, the Kickstarter project estimates that delivery will be this December, so just in time to be the purrrrrrfect gift for the holiday season. Currently, Kickstarter reward prices range from $18-$80, and this includes the option to get a Kickstarter exclusive–a luxurious seven-piece ‘Sushi Set’ with ‘Bento Bag.’

So what are catting around for? Click on over and snag yourself some of the Kickstarter specials. We already asked your cat–he approves!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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