Pawsitively Awesome Back-To-School Supplies

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
A new year of school is about to begin, and with that comes back-to-school shopping. Ensure you snag a spot with the in-crowd with pawsome pet-related school supplies.

1.Pawsome Stickies

When you need a helping hand remembering a page, these fur babies have got your back (and/or page!)

Get yours at Etsy.

2. Kitty Pack

Your meow-tastic style won’t go unnoticed with this cute backpack.

Available at Meowingtons.

3. Pet Pencils

These are so cute, we might even feel bad for sharpening them!

Head over to Student Supply for yours.

4. Ferret Pouch

If your friends didn’t know you had a ferret (also known as a “cat snake”) waiting at home for you, now they will!

Snatch yours at Etsy.

5. Guinea Pig Notebook

Your critter-loving kids will get a kick out of these cute as heck notebooks!

Available at Zazzle.

6. Pug Travel Mug

For the college student who can’t enough of their Pug, this travel mug will keep your drink warm and your soul satisfied.

Get yours at Cafe Press.

7. Cat USB

All the other kids will be jealous of your feline USB stick, perfect for holding all your homework (and pictures of cute kitty pictures – don’t worry, we won’t judge!)

Head over to AlieExpress for yours.

8. Dachshund Sleeve

You kid doesn’t need this Dachshund laptop sleeve… but you do!

Available at Amazon.

9. Cats and Dogs Lunch Bag

It’s raining cats and dogs on this adorbs lunch bag.

Get yours at Joules.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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