9 Bizarre Things Cats Love to Lick

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Let’s just say it out loud: Cats can be weird. Like, really weird. Just look at some of the bizarre things they love to lick. Must be the catnip…

Whether you’ve always had a cat in your family or you recently became the owner of a frisky feline, you might have noticed that these animals can be a little weird sometimes. Sure, they’re full of love and usually up for having fun by running at full speed across the house or tossing a toy into the air, but there are other behaviors that might cause you to question your kitty’s sanity. One of those behaviors is licking.

You know that it’s normal for cats to lick themselves because that’s how they stay clean. And if you have more than one kitty, you might find them licking each other to groom one another, especially if they’ve bonded. But if your cat starts licking objects around the house that aren’t considered food, that’s a different story.

Why Do Cats Lick Things They Shouldn’t?

According to experts, there are many reasons why cats lick themselves. In addition to grooming themselves, they might lick themselves if they are trying to get rid of an itch or if they feel discomfort in a spot on their body. And yet another reason why a cat might lick herself is if she’s feeling a little stressed and wants to calm herself down. So, if you see your cats licking themselves, you might be able to figure out why.

But what about when cats lick objects in their environment? Is that normal? Well, that depends. First, try to figure out why your cat is exhibiting this type of behavior. For instance, if you find your kitty licking her favorite pet bed or blanket, it might just be her way of remembering what it was like to be a kitten nursing from her mother. In other words, this might be calming to your cat.

When it comes to things like plastic and other objects, there might be something about an item that is enticing your kitty to lick it. Perhaps it’s the way an object smells, its texture, or even the way it tastes.

If things like plastic bags and other items, including fabrics, are attracting your cat, you definitely want to be sure your kitty isn’t ingesting anything she shouldn’t. So, if you feel like your cat might be in danger at all from her licking habits, it’s time to take action before anything bad happens.

Is There a Cause for Concern?

If your cat starts licking things that aren’t edible, you might be wondering if this behavior is something you should worry about. As mentioned above, you do want to be careful about what your kitty is licking because it might be toxic or it might be ingested and cause health problems, such as an obstruction in the digestive tract, that would need to be addressed by a veterinarian.

Kitties who lick compulsively or who eat things they shouldn’t might have a condition, such as pica, that should be addressed by your veterinarian. So, don’t hesitate to get help if you notice your cat always going after non-food items around the house.

Here Are Some of the Odd Things That Cats Have Been Caught Licking

To showcase some of the many instances in which cats have been seen licking things that have surprised their owners, we’ve compiled the list below. Scroll through and have a good laugh at these adorable furbabies and their odd yet endearing habits.

1. Window Blinds

We’re not quite sure what window blind strings taste like, but by the looks of this cat, maybe tuna?

MDWilliams03/ Reddit

2. Shockingly Delicious

Is this really such a bright idea?

( Imgur)

3. Minty Fresh Breath

He’s going out on the town and needs to impress the ladies with his pearly whites. But, in all seriousness, cats shouldn’t be licking toothpaste that’s made for humans.

( Catchannel)

4. Plastic-y goodness

No, the cat was not placed in the bag and s/he can certainly come out whenever it pleases… but in the meantime, it seems to be having a ball of a time just licking it from the inside.

5. Fur-tastic

According to this Redditor, these two do this everyday and it is the sweetest thing ever. While it might initially be weird, these two really seem to love each other (plus, isn’t that how all relationships start anyway?)

(aww-throwaway/ Reddit)

6. Condensation is Cool

Who needs a water bowl when there’s plenty of good water on the window?

BrownfATMAN/ Reddit

7. You Suck!

As the Red Hot Chili Peppers once said: “Suck my kiss!”

8. Ummm, what?

Nothing to see here, just a cat dressed as a monkey licking a banana.

9. Lick Your Cat!

And finally, to end off on an odd note, don’t let your cat have all the fun – you can lick them too! In what only could be described as one of the weirdest cat-related products of all time, we give you: the Licki brush. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and no hairballs included!

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