Cat Plays “Where’s Kitty?” In Viral Twitter Image

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A viral Twitter image of a hidden cat has driven the Internet crazy wondering, “Where’s the kitty?”

Can you find it?

Twitter user Michael Clarke posted a picture of a pile of firewood stacked in the forest and asked people to find the cat.

Yes, there’s a cat in the picture and he tells his followers that he’s not trying to trick them, the cat is there, and is as obvious as your hand in front of your face.

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But I’m not going to lie. I cheated. I didn’t see the cat and tired quickly (okay, maybe after four or five seconds) and then I felt like an idiot when I saw it because he’s right–the kitteh is right there!

If you’re like me and have no patience, you can check out the original post’s comments to quench your cat-finding thirst.

The original post has now been shared nearly 35,000 times, with commenters sharing their (inaccurate) guesses as well as their own ginger cats–some hidden well and some not so much.

One commenter even posted and called the (once-found) kitty a Liger!


— Orca Beacon (@orcabeacon) August 5, 2018

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Some even suggested they didn’t ever find a cat, but they were successful in finding Ewoks!

Yub yub…

— Poe (@Poesy_Poe) August 5, 2018

So, did you find it?

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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