Talented Drug-sniffing Dog Has $70K Bounty On Her Head

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A drug-fighting German Shepherd in Colombia is so good at her job that she has a bounty on her head, and she’s been moved into hiding for her protection.

In Colombia, the demand for counter-narcotics police is high. Specialized drug fighters come in the form of highly trained dogs who seek out drugs and drug dealers, and one is so particularly good at her job that one of the country’s most powerful drug mafias has put a kill warrant out on her.

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Sombra is a 6-year-old German Shepherd who has a bounty of nearly $70,000 US dollars on her head. She began sniffing out drugs when she was a puppy on Colombia’s counter-narcotics police force, and is so good at it that the Urabeños crime organization wants her dead.

En homenaje a los integrantes de la , nos acompaña ‘Sombra’, una pastor alemán de 6 años de @PoliciaAntiNar, por cuya vida la mafia ofrece hasta 200 millones de pesos. Su trabajo ha permitido la captura de al menos 245 personas. pic.twitter.com/1c59KyGfxY

— General Jorge Nieto (@GeneralNietoR) July 20, 2018

Sombra’s sniffer has led to at least nine tons of cocaine being seized and at least 245 suspects arrested. In the last three years, she was a torment to Dairo Antonio Usuga, or ‘Otoniel,’ who is the leader of the Urabeños.

Some of the places she’s been able to detect drugs have been in banana boxes, an injection molding machine and in vehicle parts. A police spokesperson said that the sheer bounty on Sombra’s head shows that she has had a tremendous impact on the profits they bring in, and they want her out of the picture.

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To protect her, she was relocated from northern Colombia to the El Dorado International Airport in Bogota. Police hope that being further from the crime organization’s center will make her safer.

A pesar de tener 6 añitos, a la agente sombra le sobra vitalidad 🐶 ha sido reconocida porque protege la vida de los niños, niñas y adolescentes del veneno mortal de las drogas. Todos la quieren y puedes tomarte tu selfie en el aeropuerto @BOG_ELDORADO. Guao 🐶 pic.twitter.com/BTbeGXeUSx

— Policía Antinarcóticos (@PoliciaAntiNar) July 24, 2018

Oscar Favian Solarte is the head of the anti-narcotics division and said that she is a really friendly and calm dog. She is not just supposed to find illicit drugs, but to be approachable and friendly to all.

Citizens who are aware of the reach of the Urabeños as a crime organization are worried about Sombra’s safety, but police have sworn they’ll do all they can to protect this beautiful and productive comrade of theirs. She is expected to retire in two years.

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