“Catman” Saves The Day for Feral Kitties in His Neighborhood

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A ‘Super’ little boy is using his caped crusading skills in Philadelphia to help care for homeless cats and kittens, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

A little boy who has some super-human love in his heart for cats has joined forces with his aunts to rescue homeless kittens and cats in Philadelphia. Their rescue charity, Kolony Kats, fills food bowls and water dishes for over 50 stray cats in the area, and helps to care for them.

Kolony Kats #1 Superhero! Catman Shon! ❤️❤️ Also, if you look a bit closer you will notice that Catman Shon's mask is ear tipped!

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Since he was three, young “Superman Shon” or “Catman” has helped his aunts Kia Griffin and Kris Papiernik take care of homeless cats and kittens who live in various places in Philadelphia’s Northeast side, all the while donning a cape and showing off some pretty super fabulous animal love.

A SuPURRhero never leaves without making sure all of The Kats get treats! Kolony Kat Striper has all eyes on the treats!

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Aunt Kris Papiernik said that she worried the first time he joined them because feral cats can be a little overwhelmed and rambunctious, but they warmed up to Shon quickly and easily–even when they’d not been so friendly with his aunts.

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YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN SHON making sure The Kats have plenty to eat! Kolony Kat Striper is first to the table!

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Aunt Kia Griffin says that when Shon shows up, the cats instinctively know he has a big heart and he just has a magic touch with the cats. They aunts neuter the cats and get them back to their feral colonies that are cared for by the ladies and Shon.

Shon has always been a fan of superhero costumes, so Kris says that the name Catman was just sort of a given. The ladies are raising funds to build a stray cat shelter, and Shon is in on raising awareness for the need.

Superman Shon will always protect you!

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Shon says he has a ‘superpower scratch’ that makes him special to the cats. He says that being kind to cats and giving them gentle love under their chins just shows how compassionate his heart really is. Their dream is to have Shon go on the Ellen show and have her dress as Bat Girl so they can rescue stray cats together and then go to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner after.

Our nephew Shon aka Ninja Turtle handing our treats to The Kats!

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Until she agrees, however, Shon will continue to work tirelessly for the feral cats of Philadelphia, though he does plan to take a break for trick-or-treating.

Hey, even superheroes deserve a little time off!

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