Pretend Kitten Takes Advantage Of Kansas Grandma’s Hospitality

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
An unlikely ‘stray’ animal took up residence at the home of a Kansas grandma, and the Internet fell in love with the sweet little orphan!

Several years ago when visiting my husband’s grandmother, she told us of the feral ‘kittens’ she was feeding from her garage. She’d named them ‘Patches’ and ‘Pockets,’ and we loved how adorably she cared for those little things, even making them cozy beds to rest their weary heads.

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Except, when we investigated a bit more, turned out she was mothering a pair of orphaned possums, and they didn’t like outsiders messing up their good thing!

And that’s exactly what happened to Eric Hertlein when he visited his grandmother in Kansas. She was known for letting strays take residence on her porch, and even named some of them as they were ‘regulars.’

But one of Grandma’s stray kitties wasn’t a kitty at all…she was an orphaned possum! Grandma had named the possum Tete, and said that she’d been caring for Tete since he was a baby. She’d set up a nice and warm cat bed for Tete, and he hangs out with his brothers from another mother the other kitties like he’s one of the family.

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Hertlein’s grandmother didn’t believe him at first, when he let her in on who her houseguest really was, but according to him, once she realized her grandson was telling her the truth, she was just fine with the situation, and Tete continues to be so as well!

My, my, Grandma….what a long, pointed tail he has!

P.S. Grandma–we adore you for taking such sweet care of all animals that need your help! You’re our hero!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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