Cool Kickstarter Makes Humans Useless To Cats

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis

It’s a fact of life. Most pet owners don’t have the luxury of staying home and tending to their pet’s needs 24/7. The pet industry has recognized this need, and there’s a plethora of products on the market that are designed to help those of us who worry about our pets when we are apart.

And since cats are sometimes known to be a bit, um, fickle…products for our feline friends have to be just so–which is why the Catspad is bound to be a hit with cats everywhere.

Cats in nature typically eat 10-15 times a day–small quantities they consume as they go through their routines of cleaning, hunting and playing. We tend to feed (or overfeed) our cats in meal-like timeframes and portions, and that’s a growing problem for cat health.

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Two innovative people in France decided to do something about it. Julie LeLeu, mom to kitty-licious Mozart, was traveling and left her beloved in the care of someone who fell ill when she was gone. Julie rushed back to care for Mozart, and realized there needed to be a better way for cats. She partnered with tech-guru Brice Cavalier to create something that would allow cats to be taken care of, with healthy portions and clean, flowing water whether someone was with a pet or not.

The Catspad portions food at set times, controlled by you, and with the awesome app, allows you to see just when and how much your cat eats. More, there is a water reservoir that pumps fresh filtered water for your kitteh in running fashion, so she doesn’t have to be insulted with the stale bowl of water just left out for her. The horror!

The Catspad is cool in design, and your cat will feel like a rockstar with access to his or her own pad of food and water, but the best part is the technology that goes into it. The Catspad has the ability to detect, track and feed individual cats in the same home–which is a must for any crazy cat person who obviously has multiple cats! It links to individual microchips so it knows exactly who is eating and when, so cats can share the food (that remains fresh in the generously sized container) and free-running water.

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It’s independence for your cat (though the self-reliance it will allow cats makes us wonder whether or not cats even *need* us humans now), and peace of mind for you. Win-win!

The Catspad is available through their Kickstarter for $199 (US) and you can also buy it when it’s released to public, which should be June of 2017 for the very reasonable price of $250.

We warn you though…if you should come home one day and find you’ve been locked out of your house? You’ll know the cats have kicked you out and are hanging in their pad!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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