Crafting With Cat Fur? Yeah, It’s a Thing.

Lisa Selvaggio
by Lisa Selvaggio
Looking for a hobby that will intrigue and weird-out your non-feline friends? You need to learn how to craft with cat fur!

What to do with all that cat fur you collect from around the house, or that collects on your brush when you groom your pet? Use it for arts and crafts, of course!

Okay, we know that sounds really weird, but it’s actually something that people do. In fact, there’s even a book about it – check out the best-selling book (for crazy cat people, that is) Crafting with Cat Hair.

Below are just a few of the many ways that you can use your kitty’s constant shedding for some really cute and fun projects.

Finger Puppets

Here’s a little something fun that you can do with the fur you collect when you brush your cat: make adorable finger puppets.

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The thing about cat fur is that it can be shaped quite easily, so once you have enough fur, you can use your fingers to gently mold the fur into thin sheets that will look and feel much like felt.

Once you have your cat fur sheets, set them aside and grab a piece of thin cardboard. Cut out a cute shape of your choosing, whether that’s a little kitten or a bunny or anything else that you think would look adorable on your finger. Once you have the shape, you can glue down the cat fur sheets to cover the cardboard entirely and shape it into a cone to fit your finger. Finally, decorate your little finger puppet however you like, whether you want to add some gems for the eyes or a ribbon around the neck to look like a collar (or anything else you can think of).

Super Simple Cat Toys

Yet another way that you can use your cat’s fur is by creating homemade toys for your pet to play with.

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Use a brush to get all of the loose hairs out of your kitty’s coat. Once you have enough, you can roll it into a ball or into a cylindrical shape. Then take some fabric or felt, which could be made from your cat’s fur or can be bought in an arts and crafts store. Cut it down to the appropriate size and wrap it around the mass of cat fur, sewing it to close the gaps securely.

Once you are done, let your cat use his new toy to keep himself occupied. You can even try putting some catnip inside the toy to make it more enticing.


Crafting cat fur jewelry is another clever way to use your cat’s fur. Sounds totally strange, but people do it.

After purchasing some jewelry-making tools at a local arts and crafts shop, you can roll your cat’s fur into tight beads. Then you can use those to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

A good tip is to gather your cat’s fur from a brushing session, leaving it in a pile that is loose at first. Then roll the loose hairs between the palms so that all of the individual strands will come together and create a solid bead in the ideal shape.

Just when you thought there wasn’t anything you could do with your cat’s loose fur other than throw it away, a few creative minds have shared a lot of ideas online and in books so you can breathe new life into all of that hair. So go ahead and get crafty, and see if you can come up with some original, interesting, and fun uses for your cat’s fur.

Lisa Selvaggio
Lisa Selvaggio

Lisa Selvaggio is a freelance writer and editor, and our resident cats-pert, with certifications in pet nutrition and pet first aid. She enjoys producing content that helps people understand animals better so they can give their pets a safe and happy home.

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