Funds Raised For Suspended Verizon Worker Who Rescued Cat

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A Philadelphia Verizon employee was suspended from his job for three weeks with no pay because he used Verizon equipment in an unauthorized way. What did he do, you ask? He rescued a poor little cat who needed help.

Hey, Verizon! Can you hear us now? We’re not too thrilled with your suspension of Philadelphia employee Maurice German. And we’re not alone as several thousand dollars have been raised for German as he’s been suspended without pay for three weeks because he used Verizon’s equipment to rescue a cat stuck at the top of a telephone pole.

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The Good Samaritan was caught on video as he rescued Princess Momma from the pole. She’d been stuck for over 12 hours and her desperate owner had tried every avenue to help get Princess Momma down. The cat’s owner called the fire department, an animal rescue and even the telephone company itself but no one returned the calls for help.

On the job, German said he’d try to help using his hydraulic lift on his Verizon truck. The rescue was videoed and German quickly became a community hero as he grabbed Princess Momma and brought her to safety, unharmed.

Verizon wasn’t so thrilled with the rescue, though, and suspended him for three weeks without pay because he violated the company’s safety rules.

In a statement, Verizon said that they didn’t take joy in suspending German, but they have to keep employees and customers safe and that means enforcing safety rules. Verizon’s goal is to keep employees and customers out of harm’s way, and so the trucks and equipment should not have been used in the way that he did. Verizon says they know the suspension may be unpopular (you think?) but it was warranted as he potentially put his life and the lives of others near him at risk.

Verizon knew that it was so unpopular, they donated money to the Pennsylvania SPCA. Still, German is without pay for three weeks for putting the safety of Princess Momma at the forefront.

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And because local friends recognized the heroic act, there were a handful of GoFundMe pages that were opened in his name to support him while he goes without pay. Amanda Fairchild Boyce was the one who caught the rescue on video and she raised almost $3,400 and gave it to him to help offset the suspension.

Virally, Verizon is being asked to reconsider the suspension, but in the meantime, we’re applauding German’s actions for recognizing the damsel in distress and doing his best to help.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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