Help Fill Shelter Litter Boxes By Voting For A Celebrity Cat!

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
One Day Left! Vote for your favorite Celebrity Cat and help donate 50,000 pounds of litter to shelter cats in need.

When nature calls it doesn’t matter if you’re a house cat, a shelter cat, or a celebrity feline, you’ve just got to answer!

That’s why celebrated social media darlings Pompous Albert, Mr. Biscuits, Murdock the Marvellous and Captain Blue Chip have graciously agreed to help raise donations of cat litter for their favorite shelters in the United States.

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The famed furry felines (and former shelter alumnae) have partnered with World’s Best Cat Litter in the quest to see 50,000 pounds of litter delivered to shelter cats via the brand’s charity GiveLitter. In its third year of driving adoption awareness and delivering on a pretty basic need, the charity’s campaign runs May 19 to 24 (that’s tomorrow!) and encourages animal lovers to pick a recipient shelter with just a click of their “mouse”.

How does it work? Just visit the World’s Best Cat Litter website, check out the celebrity roster and their chosen shelter and cast your vote. It’s free and open to everyone.

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The shelter “mas-cat” with the most votes gets 20,000 pounds of World’s Best Cat Litter. Runners up receive 15,000 pounds, 10,000 pounds and 5,000 pounds for placing 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.

Lucky recipients of this year’s bounty of box filler include:

Since 2010, the GiveLitter charity has empowered cat lovers to donate 376,651pounds of free litter to deserving shelters across the country. With GiveLitter the brand partners with its customers to help get the word out about animal welfare issues, promote pet adoption, and donate free cat litter to shelters.Which cat did you vote for? It’s going to be a tight race, but we love this kind of contest… because everyone wins!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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