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Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
PawsLikeMe, the match-making website that pairs people with adoptable dogs, needs your help to introduce cats into the mix.

In a sea of barking dogs and meowing cats, it’s often hard to pick just one animal to adopt from a rescue shelter. Not only do all of them look so adorable and in need of a loving home, but you’ve also got to consider your needs and that of the animal your adopting. Is he high energy? Does he get along with other pets? Is he easy to train?

That’s where PawsLikeMe steps in. They’re like a dating website, except between animals and humans! Their doggy matching website has been up and running since the fall of 2015, but now they’re taking it to the next level by allowing potential pet parents to adopt furry felines. 

But to do so, they need your help. PawsLikeMe has started crowdfunding on to raise $15,000. This money will finalize the algorithm that will allow them to find felines their forever homes by matching them to a families that fit their wants and needs.

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Their current website (which currently only finds dogs home across the country) uses a scientifically proven algorithm to help find dogs that will be a good match for a person’s lifestyle and personality. There are four areas on PawsLikeMe’s current website to match dogs to humans: focus, independence, confidence and energy.

Using these key areas, PawsLikeMe can find out if there is a dog ready to be adopted somewhere in the United States that can suit your lifestyle. For example, you may not want to adopt a high-energy dog if you’re a senior citizen who spends most of their time indoors. With this algorithm, you can rest assured that they will pair you with a dog who is on par with your personality. In fact, PawsLikeMe conducted a survey in 2014, where over 3,000 people participated and they reported that their average accuracy was over 90 percent!

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Once PawsLikeMe reaches their target goal to add cats into the mix, they will also implement a re-homing cat program as an alternative to surrendering felines to shelters. This means owners can complete a sheet describing their cat’s personality and put a free posting up on their website. Not only does this make the owner responsible for re-homing their furry friend, but it also eases the pressure off shelters, as so many of them are filled to the brim with hopeful animals.

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