Man Builds Amazing Cat Creations From Cardboard

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Sam and his partner Natalia love their cat Dinni.

No, seriously, they love him.

So much so that they create and photograph some of the most elaborate cardboard cat houses you’ve ever seen. Sam says that cardboard is inexpensive, easy to find and Dinni loves cardboard.

And he assembles them all with hot glue.

Yep – hot glue.

Natalia photographs and posts Sam’s creations on their website and social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter. You should go there…unless you are feeling really inadequate about your building skills…because the man is a cardboard genius.

From inception/initial design and beginning to build…
man-makes-cathouse-out-of-cardboard-6To this…a floor-to-ceiling dragon cat house Sam calls, ‘The Ark,’ complete with the little stairs on the side.

Sam says that Dinni is bored easily, but we doubt that with all these rooms in the manor, he’ll be bored for a while….


Just in case, though…and since it is the holiday season, Sam also created this ‘Advent Cat’ for Dinni. Can’t leave cats out at Christmas!
Sam and Natalia have made a few cat toys to entertain Dinni and like to make cat food as well, but we have to say…we think he’s found his niche in Cardboard Cat Condos!