Meet Willow, an Aussie Cat Living Her Best Van Life

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
After selling everything he owns, Willow’s dad remodeled a van into a tiny home on wheels. Since then, the duo has been traveling all around Australia.

How many times have you fantasized about quitting your job, selling everything you own and hitting the road? Nothing but you, your best friend and all the breathtaking beauty nature has to offer. Well, for Rich East, a 32-year-old from Tasmania, that’s not a fantasy anymore, but a way of life. His loyal companion for the adventure through the Australian outback? A beautiful black cat named Willow.

Back in May 2015, East decided he had enough of the corporate 9-to-5 lifestyle. After quitting his job, he sold his house and all of his possessions- and bought a campervan. But, as a pet parent, he had to think of his cat, too. Saying goodbye to his old way of life wasn’t that hard, but saying goodbye to his rescue cat wasn’t in the cards. Although worried how Willow is going to adjust to the life on the road, East decided that there won’t be any adventuring without his four-legged best friend by his side.

Luckily, Willow not only adjusted to the van life, but she fully embraced it. In fact, East says that she blossomed since the two hit the road. And how couldn’t she? Not only that she has all the beauty of Australian scenery to enjoy, but she also gets to spend all of her time with dad. When she’s not napping in the wan or snuggling with East, Willow gets to explore the outback off leash. While she never gets far away from her dad- 100 meters is the limit- East fitted her with a GPS collar. In case that curiosity leads Willow to stray further than usual, she can be found in no time.

The duo traveled all over Australia together, covering all 6 states and 2 territories in their van-dventure- also known as the Purrfect Eight route. Currently, Rich and Willow are doing a second lap and don’t plan on quitting the life on the road just yet. After all, what sane puss could give up on having all of Australia as their own backyard?

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

A proud mama to seven dogs and ten cats, Angela spends her days writing for her fellow pet parents and pampering her furballs, all of whom are rescues. When she's not gushing over her adorable cats or playing with her dogs, she can be found curled up with a good fantasy book.

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