Napping Grandpa Raised $30,000 for a Cat Sanctuary By Snoozing With Ki

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
If you were wondering what the term ’power (cat)nap’ means, let this feline-loving senior enlighten you.

Earlier this month, a job ad went viral as it offered pay and housing on a paradise island in exchange for hanging out with cats. Now, we see a cat sanctuary volunteer napping with adorable kitties while on duty. Is there some rule that, if you work with felines, you just have to have a great time? It certainly seems so from where I’m standing.

Terry Laurmen, the 75-year old volunteer from the pictures, went from catnapping to being internet famous. It all started when someone snapped one of his adorable kitty siestas and posted the picture on the internet. In less than a day, Terry’s favorite furry snoozing companion, Louis, found his forever family. After that, each time someone from the staff spotted grandpa getting some shut-eye with a feline friend, they took a photo.

When the cat sanctuary where Terry volunteers at, Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, published a whole album with photos of his heartwarming catnaps, it quickly went viral across social media platforms. This, in turn, lead to thousands of people donating to the sanctuary, helping them raise about $30,000 in just two days. Of course, both the staff and the lovely snoozing grandpa were stunned by the public’s response. They just wanted to share how amazing their volunteers are, and it inspired so many to give back, as well!

The cat-loving senior started volunteering six months ago. He simply walked in, introduced himself and ask if he could help by brushing the cats. And, as Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary rehabilitates pets with special needs and disabilities, and they were thrilled to have another set of hands helping out with the kitties in their care. (After all, there’s so much work to be done that you accidentally fall asleep on most days.)

Now, his commitment to the kitties in need is inspiring thousands to help out, too. People are donating from all sides, and spreading the word about all the good this sanctuary is doing. The best part- all that exposure might help more kitties find their forever home. Talk about the benefits of napping!

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

A proud mama to seven dogs and ten cats, Angela spends her days writing for her fellow pet parents and pampering her furballs, all of whom are rescues. When she's not gushing over her adorable cats or playing with her dogs, she can be found curled up with a good fantasy book.

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