Netflix Employee Cats Can’t Even With Stranger Things’ ‘That Mom

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Netflix has released a Stranger Things reaction video of employees’ cats watching Dustin’s family cat get eaten by a demogorgon.

Spoiler alert: Dustin’s family cat Mews in Stranger Things gets eaten in Season 2, and it isn’t pretty.

Stranger Things is the must-show to follow these days, and fans were on the edge of their seats as Dustin learned his pal Dart was a nasty, creepy, slimy and HUNGRY creature who was looking for love (and food) in all the wrong places.

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Well, the wrong place for Dustin’s cat Mews, that is. Dart gobbled Mews up in a New York Minute and the interwebs went wild discussing their disgust.

But not as much as they are now, in response to a brief video Netflix put together, showing the reactions of Netflix employees’ cats’ reactions to their fellow furry feline in arms getting all torn up in front of their very eyes.

As you’d guess, the cats were mortified at the thought, much less the actual viewing, and we’re not sure which is worse–Dart eating Mews or those poor kittehs running after being made to watch Dart eating Mews. Because let me tell you…they were not impressed with the outcome at all. At all.

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See for yourself!

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Lori Ennis

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