We’re Onboard With Japan’s First Cat Cafe On a Train!

Cat cafes are incredibly popular in Japan and the trend has spread to the rest of the world. But now the country that started it all has gone one step further–a cat cafe on a train!

In Japan, residential space is at a premium. Many Japanese live in tiny apartments and so pet ownership can be tricky. So what do they do? They visit a cat cafe to get their kitty cuddling fix. Cat cafes are nothing new in Japan. You can have your latte with a cat nestled on your knee.

The concept has been so successful, cat cafes are now opening up all over the world. A relaxing place to chill out and let all the worries of the day ease away while you stroke one of the many pampered cats that live in the cafes.

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But now there’s a whole new twist on the cat cafe idea. A cat cafe on a train! The cat filled train ride only ran for one day, but it sold out so fast, it’s likely the event will run again. The cat cafe train was the idea of a cat cafe chain called Sanctuary.

All the cats on the train were due to be put down, but were rescued by Sanctuary. Passengers on the Ogaki train on September 10 were welcomed on board by a host of cuddly kitties. Bookings were taken on August 7 for the 40 seats available on each journey and they sold out within the day.

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Those who were lucky enough to get a ticket enjoyed a bento box lunch and unlimited kitty cuddling time on the train.

Proceeds from the ticket sales will be used to further the good work with cat rescue undertaken by Sanctuary.

[Source: India Economic Times]

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