Dublin’s First Ever Cat Lounge Lets The Kittens Out Of The Bag

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Irish kitty lovers are about to get their cat lounge fix, as the country’s first ever cat lounge is now open in Dublin!

You didn’t know ‘cat cafes’ are all the rage? They are! Originally making the scene in Taiwan, cat lounges are all over the world, allowing those who need cat cuddles an opportunity to love on sweet (typically rescue) feline friends.

In Smithfield, Dublin, cat lovers will be able to book 90-minute sessions with rescue kittens. Cat lounges are perfect for people who have allergies in their homes or live in places cats are not allowed, says lounge owner Georgina O’Neill, and is a win-win for both kitteh lover and cat alike.

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O’Neill said that her brother was in Japan several years ago, and came back with tons of pictures showing what a successful and sustainable idea a cat lounge could be. O’Neill says that they currently have five cats waiting for opening day pets, and another five to come in the next week.

The kittens were ones that had originally been slated for euthanasia at a local vet, and were rescued for the lounge. O’Neill says that the group is a very social, playful and friendly bunch–which is exactly what anyone who has ever seen a kitten loves so much about baby cats!

The booking sessions are not all about cuddles, though, as O’Neill says that the cats (of course) are in charge of the sessions–their mood will decide what takes place in the session, whether it be play or snuggle, and guests will work with socializing the cats as well.

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O’Neill encourages people to come in with a good book or their laptop or whatever they like and hang with the cats, guaranteeing that you and the cats will be better for the leisurely experience. There will be a coffee machine should you decide you want some, but there will be no food as this really is all about the cats. (Isn’t everything?)

If you’re in the Dublin area, and you’d like to get some pussycat time in, you can book a session on their site. It’ll cost €15 (or almost $18 US) for 90-minutes, but it’ll be the best 90 minutes you spend this week! Just ask the kittens!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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