Paw Reading Is Japan’s Newest Cat Trend

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
Reading cat paws is a feline version of palmistry which hints that there’s more to your kitty’s jelly beans that just cuteness.

When it comes to fantastic feline-related phenomenon, they mostly originate from Japan- just look at cat cafes. It probably won’t come as a surprise, then, that the land of the rising sun has another pawesome thing for cat lovers around the world: guessing kitty personalities based on their paws.

Yup, you’ve read that right. Paw reading is now a thing in Japan. It all started when Mr. Akatsuki, a mysterious cat-loving fortune teller (I kid you not) presented his observations about the link between paw shapes and personalities in cats. Although his method might not reliable, his goal is noble, as his wish is to help new cat parents find a pet feline whose character will be a perfect match. He even wrote a book with instructions and explanations! According to him, there are five main types of cat personalities, with 13 sub-types, all determined by the slight differences in their jelly beans.

In case you have a feline companion and want to put Mr. Akatsuki’s theory to the test, here’s what to look for.

Type A Cat (Heart-shaped middle jelly bean)

These are the true cuddlebugs of the feline world. Friendly and bubbly, these felines love to snuggle with their owners and are big foodies. No love without snacks, it seems!

Type B Cat (Rounded middle jelly bean)

Loved by their owners and other felines alike, these kitties are adventurous and social. These cats function great in a multi-cat household, and, although they’re not too big on cuddling, they will put up with your affectionate outbursts.

Type C Cat (Flat-topped middle jelly bean with two side bulges)

Quiet and solitary, type C cats prefer to be the only pet in the household. They are wary of strangers but very Instagramable, apparently: their calmness and dignified demeanor make them models of the feline world.

Type D Cat (Similar to C type, but less pronounced)

These kitties are not known for their big personalities. They are aloof, lack interest in most things and can tolerate only humans they’ve previously deemed worthy of their presence. So, basically, your ordinary cat.

Type E Cat (Jellybeans form a triangle)

Triangular pads? I’m not saying it’s Illuminati, but… It’s Illuminati. According to the Japanese paw fortune teller, these cats are cray-cray, and it’s a wonder if you even managed to see their paw up close.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments if the Japanese art of reading cat paws works for you!

Source: hereinuk

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

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