Politikats’ Kickstarter Puts Heads of State on Cat Scratchers

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
When it comes to politics, the claws always come out! Put them to good use with the hilarious Politikats’ Politically Inclined Cat Scratching Posts.

Store-bought scratching posts are a necessity, but super boring. If you don’t opt to get one, your kitty cat may ultimately shred your furniture to scratch their itch (well, your couch’s itch in this case) and declawing is downright cruel. Smart cat parents will buy any sort of scratching post so their little lion can sink their claws into something other than their furniture but ultimately, they never bode well with your decor and look sort of out of place in your modernist living room.

Thankfully, Politikats aims to change that. Creators of Politikats have launched a Kickstarter campaign to get their product from shipping boxes to beneath your cat’s sharp little nails – and their product is unlike any other.

Measuring 26 inches in height, these scratching posts are wrapped with sisal rope, are shaped like a human beings and (the best part) have political figure heads. Your cat can scratch the hell out of Donald Trump, Barak Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu or Vladimir Putin! The thick carpeted base is available in red, blue or grey to match whatever room decor the post will be in or to coincide with your post’s political views.

Friends and family can take one look at your scratching post and affirm that you are not routing for the guy who’s getting his elbow torn apart by puss-puss. Not only does this go with your Jon Stewart shrine that set up in the living room, but it’s also a great conversation piece to get the party started.

Kickstarter pledges start as low as $5 for a sticker package and go as high as $4,500 (put any head you want on a life-size scratching post. An excellent investment if you’ve always wanted to have your multiple cats maul a scratching post with your boss’ face…just don’t ever invite him over to your place for drinks. For the rest of us who want our own little Obama or Trump, a pledge of $99 is all you need to bring one home… once the campaign is funded.

Also available with these political scratching posts is a bottle of Eau De Katpiss, available to be purchase for a $25 pledge. Simply spray the catnip-scented contents onto the scratching post and watch your cat go into a frenzy (you’ll be amazed at how much your cat loves Trump). Every scratching post also comes with a red velvet page for easy travelling and storage (you know, if you want to hide that boss-faced post before they pop by).

Politikats’ campaign is on now and they need your help to make these awesome scratching posts a reality. To make your pledge, be sure to head over to Politikats’ Kickstarter page.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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