Works of Art You Want Your Cat to Shred

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
When a traditional scratching post doesn’t cut it, you need to shred it up a notch. For your fancy-pants kitty, only a Copycat Art Scratcher masterpiece will do!

Forget those drab brown scratching posts that are so uninspiring, even your cat gives it the cold shoulder. Spice up your room with this Mona Lisa painting that doubles as purr-fect scratching post. Not only is it a wicked piece of decor, your ferocious feline will go ham when they realize it’s the perfect place to sink their claws.

Stick it to those art-snobs at the mew-seum by letting your cat rip up a “priceless” Mona Lisa. This isn’t your traditional scratching post. From across the room, it looks like a statement piece that happens to be sitting near the floor (if you are so inclined to place it there, that is).

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It’s designed to look like a picture frame or a piece of art that is meant to be hung on the wall. This scratcher combines the famous Da Vinci painting with the cat-friendly embroidered twine – the same material used on regular scratching posts which cats go head-over-claws for.

This cat scratch pad was inspired after its creator found that his cats had attacked an embroidered painting in his home. Rather than become angry at his cats who just wanted something to sharpen their claws with, he saw the humor in it and so, the “Copycat Art Scratcher” was born! The painting is copied into the sisal material and voila – a masterpiece ready to be torn up by Madame Kitty-Claws.

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Should the Mona Lisa painting displease you or your cat, these scratching pictures are available in two other paintings: Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring or Jan Davisz de Heem’s still-life painting of flowers.

[Source: ErikStehmann-Workshop]

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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