SuperZoo 2016 Day 2: KATRIS Lynks Modular Cat Scratchers

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic
The claws came out at SuperZoo when KATRIS unveiled its Lynks Modular Cat Scratchers. Move them around, build with them – these cat scratchers are the cat’s meow!

Paper manufacturer brand KATRIS introduces its new, longer lasting, modular, shred-resistant cat scratchers KATRIS Lynks at this year’s SuperZoo show. What made this a must-visit booth for us was the addition of our good buddy and favorite crazy cat lady, Hauspanther‘s Kate Benjamin, who was on hand with Samsonite the kitten to test out these cool modular cat scratchers.

Created by Papercut Lab, KATRIS products put an innovative and ‘green’ twist on ordinary cat furniture. As more consumers are seeking out sustainable as well as multi-use pet products, these new durable, eco-friendly, modular cat furniture collections are made with both cat owners and felines in mind.

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They’re “made to fit together like a family, […] with the inherent quality of our layered paper providing more scratching opportunity for cats,” says founder and CEO Jeff Lin. Plus, he says, “they look just plain better in your home.”

KATRIS Lynks are only slightly bigger than most regular cat scratchers, but offer better durability, shred-resistant material, and functionality. They are made from heavy-duty paper with stronger flutes and liners (which make up the cardboard structure) than any other cat scratcher brand on the market. In tests, KATRIS Lynks were able to withstand more weight (easily holding over 200 pounds), more scratching-force, and produced significantly less amounts of shredding than other cat furniture.

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The KATRIS Lynks are modular, so they can be placed and rearranged in many different combinations and builds – either on their own, or in combination with KATRIS blocks. KATRIS Lynks have real wood covers on their sides, making them look stylish and desirable for consumers’ homes, as well as protecting the pads from wear and tear.

You can pre-order KATRIS Lynks on the brand’s website.

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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