SuperZoo 2016 Day 1: ZuGoPets

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It’s no secret – I am a lover of all things faux fur. So when I saw the leopard print fuzz at the ZuGoPet booth, I had to stop and take a closer look. And I’m so glad I did, because I discovered a plethora of must-have pet products.

ZuGoPet 1

I recently introduced Oscar to the baby bjorn concept, and being the lazy mutt he is, he instantly took to it. That’s why I need the Car Safety Pack. Its retro seatbelt buckles can be strapped to back of your car’s backseat headrests, so they can keep their eyes on your and that jerk dog looking at him from the car next to yours. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, simply unbuckle from the seat and wear it like a baby bjorn. For added comfort, the shoulder pads are covered with super soft faux fur.

ZuGoPet (2)


If you’re more of a pet tote person, the Crash-Tested Quilted Bag features the same car and carry functionality. The tote straps securely wrap around the backseat headrests, creating a travel hammock for your purse pooch.

ZuGoPet is a small upstart at this year’s show, and you may have heard of them from their Kickstarter campaign that was launched last year. I’m excited to see more from them – and their adorable travel products!