Petco ‘Bootique’ Slashing 30% Off Halloween Costumes, Toys, and Mo

PetGuide Staff
by PetGuide Staff

You already saw our top 10 dog halloween costumes roundup recently, but if you’re still in the market for that perfect costume you should definitely take a skim through Petco’s cleverly named ‘Bootique’. The curated collection on offer—all on sale for 30% off ahead of Halloween—is comprised of a wide range of halloween costumes for both cats and dogs, as well as some adorable Halloween-themed toys for your furry little friend.

On the costume side of things the options are pretty broad. Doggie prisoner and kitty sushi are pretty hard to beat, but you’ll also find pirates and other Halloween staples along the way. The toy assortment is equally broad, and pretty darned adorable for that matter. The cutesy Pumpkinstein plush dog toy and crinkly noise making bat seen here are both prime candidates for getting your pup riled up, though if you want something a bit more spooky some of the rope toys lurking in the Bootique would be a better fit.

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PetGuide Staff
PetGuide Staff

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