There’s a Herd of Cute Cats Living Large in Disneyland – And They’re Stealing the Spotlight!

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For over 60 years, cats have been regular residents of “the happiest place on Earth,” but not many people know it. In fact, if it weren’t for Ryan Gosling who told everyone about Disney’s secret army of predator kitties on an episode of Conan, the felines would have continued orchestrating everything from the shadows. But, Ryan had to go and spoil it all. Now, EVERYBODY is going nuts over the adorable cats of Disneyland, which probably makes them eyeroll at us silly humans even more.

All jokes aside, the famous actor wasn’t that far off when he outed the Disney kitties. The resident cats, and there is around 200 of them, were primarily “allowed” to set up shop on the theme park’s ground because of their efficacy in eliminating pesky rodents. (Not Mickey Mouse, of course.) It all began when a few feral cats were discovered squatting in Sleeping Beauty Castle in the 50s. Since they’ve left the fairytale palace ridden with fleas, and were blocking the renovations, the original squad of feral felines had to be moved. The perfect solution was to adopt them out to cast members who were willing to take in a furry friend, and it’s a tradition that’s been going strong even today.

While the Sleeping Beauty herd got their happily ever after, there were still more than a few kitties lurking about the park. But, as the management began to realize that the kitties could be their allies in the neverending battle with roaming mice, they’ve decided to make them an offer they couldn’t refuse. All the mice they could catch by night, no pesky humans bothering them as they would be too absorbed in the sights, plus feeding stations all across the park if the kitties feel like supplementing their rodent-based diet.

The cats of Disneyland were captured and spayed/neutered before being released back to the park, where they have full freedom of movement, and, essentially, live the dream life of feral felines. The cast members take care of their every need, from medical treatments to refiling their food. And, when accidents happen, and a litter appears (rarely, if TNR mixups happen) they’re the ones that adopt them.

If you want to see more of the fab felines that rule Disneyland, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Yup, these are some social media savvy kitties.