This New Kickstarter Cat Toy Will Lead To Endless YouTube Videos

You’ve got to love Kickstarter for filling the world with things we didn’t know we (or our pets) needed. Enter ‘EPIC!’ — The Ultimate Cat Toy Puzzle Feeder, effectively a cleverly conceived cardboard box with random openings and compartments, developed as a way to get your cat to problem-solve and hunt for his food. Clever, right? The $26 plaything seems to be much loved by the furry friends that have been part of its development and testing process.

The campaign is just a hair under its funding goal so far, having raised $14,161 of their $15,000 target. This is exactly the kind of “OMG why didn’t I think of this” goodness we’ve come to love from the world of Kickstarter, and though simple in execution, it’s a great new way to keep your cat entertained around the house.

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