Top 10 Cats Who Need a Hug

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All I need is a lap to cuddle on – and hug on occasion.

A quick cuddle with my best friend. (H Zator/Bigstock)

Moms always give the best hugs. (olgavolodina/Bigstock)

This is my human. There is many like it, but this one is mine. (insomnia/Bigstock)

If you want to hug the cat, you’ll have to hug me first! (Kannaa/Bigstock)

Save me… too much hug… must escape this kid’s clutches! (Cherry-Merry/Bigstock)

Yes, I like to hug my mouse. Please don’t tell anyone!

Sure, these brothers are hugging it out now, but that’s just because they’re asleep. (lufimorgan/Bigstock)

I’m a hugging ninja! (Valentina R./Bigstock)

Wait… this isn’t the kind of cat we endorse hugging today!