Tubby Tabby Steals the Spotlight in These Wedding Pictures

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Once upon a time, a fat tabby was in a shelter in Washington D.C. He was called Symba, the Tubby Tabby, and he was adopted by a couple–Kiah Berkeley and Peter Sorkin. They decided to also call him Vito, and share his life on Instagram and Facebook.

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Berkley and Sorkin recently married in Ridge, MD, which is two hours away from where they live in Washington, D.C., so Vito, unfortunately, was not able to be part of the wedding party.

But that didn’t stop him from being part of the wedding pictures! The couple’s photographer, Kristi Odom, knew how important Vito was to the couple and how big a part of their lives he is, she wanted to include him in pictures too.A famous fat cat makes his family complete starring in their wedding photos

And when we say big, we do mean big. Vito is a whopping 35-pounds, but his parents are helping him lose weight, with a new diet and some already lost pounds. Vito’s previous owner moved into a retirement home and couldn’t bring the then-Symba, and when the couple heard about him, they adopted him from the Human Rescue Alliance in D.C. He has his own social media accounts (where he goes by his old name Symba) and Berkley says that she’ll chronicle Vito’s weight loss journey so all who have fallen in love with him can follow!Vito is a presence in his family's life

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The couple is still waiting on the full portfolio of pictures, but are so far in love with what Odom has done and can’t wait to see the rest.

We can see why–it’s clear their fluffy feline has stolen their hearts, and we admit…he’s sort of stolen ours too!