Say Cheese to These Gorgeous Brides and Their Meow Maids

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
An Italian photographer has combined her passion for cats with her photography talent to create some beautiful (and furry) wedding pictures.

It’s a big trend–including puppies or family dogs in engagement and wedding pictures these days. Beautiful pictures where bridesmaids have puppies available for adoption instead of bouquets or canine ring-bearers are all over the place it seems…and we love it!

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But there aren’t too many out there with the kittehs, are there? Most likely because you know cats…they do what they want! Cats are not as easy to put in a cute little cat-xedo and have them sit pretty at the end of the aisle.

No, for the most part, cats don’t have any f$@# to give about what you want your pictures to look like.

Which is where Italian photographer Marianna Zampieri steps in. She says that she has always been a cat lover, and her cat Arthur is the muse who inspired her to share cat beauty with the entire world. Zampieri has many cat-themed photography projects going on, and the idea of photoshoots with brides and their feline friends (post-wedding, of course…she knows a cat has its limits!) came from her own wedding.

She says that she wanted the most important day of her life to have her other beloved, Arthur, involved. So, she set up a series of self-portraits for herself and Arthur. She donned her wedding dress and shot away. Friends and family found the pictures endearing and beautiful and said they too must have pictures like she’d created.

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The rest…the rest is history. Zampieri said she’d visit the homes of her friends before or after their weddings and take some wedding shots, which she says are surprisingly easy to get. She says the cats enjoy the pictures, finding the veils and fluffy dresses with their tons of tulle awfully tempting to tear at.

She branched out to post-wedding shoots for other brides who love their furry felines as much as she does, and says she wants to be sure that they are included in the wedding memories.

Bye-bye, crazy cat ladies…hello gorgeous brides and their kitties!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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