Twitter Kitty Sensation Not Least Bit Shocked She’s a Star

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
There’s a new Twitter sensation, and the look on the rescue cat’s face tells a thousand stories…or just one shocked one!

Zelda is an adorable little rescue kitty who belongs to Matt Taghioff of Beckenham, Kent. Zelda has become an internet sensation, amassing hordes of Twitter followers, because she has a unique look.

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In fact, she always has a unique look, and onlookers are often so taken with her.

I got 99 problemth and my tongue ith one.

— Curious Zelda (@CuriousZelda) October 27, 2017

Matt said that when he introduces Zelda to friends or family, they laugh a lot, because the look on her face would lead you to believe that whatever you were saying or doing was the most shocking thing you’d ever seen! He says that he saw her at the rescue shelter and there was a note that warned potential adopters to not be put off by her expression.

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Sometimes you really need to squint to see it.

— Curious Zelda (@CuriousZelda) November 21, 2017

He said that even though her eyes did widen even more (as if they could?!) when he approached her, she was so loving and affectionate with him. He didn’t even look at any other cats that day because he knew she was his.

Holy shrimp it's a red dot

— Curious Zelda (@CuriousZelda) August 27, 2017

We love her Twitter page, as there are so many captions that go with her faces, we find ourselves laughing as well. Matt says that she is quite the curious cat, so her look of wonder matches her personality to a tee.

Always leave your Zelda in the folded position.

— Curious Zelda (@CuriousZelda) November 29, 2017

And it’s an adorable look of wonder at that!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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