UK Parliament Seeks Pussies to Help Get Rid of Rodents

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
When the cat’s away, the mice shall play, or so the saying goes. Seems true in the UK, where members of parliament are begging for cats to take care of a mouse infestation.

Members of the United Kingdom’s parliament are up in arms at the £130,000 ($167,000 US) pest bill, and suggesting that some official pussies be brought in to help get the rampant mouse problem under control. Tired of the over 1,700 bait stations (and one full-time pest control person) not being able to get rid of the rodents, parliament members are even resorting to bringing their own cats to help out!

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Penny Mordaunt MP brought her cat Titania in to get rid of some of the vermin, but was told she couldn’t bring Titania back because doing so broke health and safety regulations. Other UK staples have official mousers–Larry the Number 10 Cat and Palmerston from the Foreign Office are among the few. Parliament, however, has been left out of the feline solution, and the members of Parliament are tired of mice scampering over desks and gnawing through food containers in the tea room.

One Parliament Member is concerned that if something isn’t done to get the situation under control, it will get even more out of hand. He said that only the noise from Big Ben as the hours changed scared the mice away, and that was very temporary, if at all.

Stella Creasy MP brought the issue up again, seeking feline membership for Parliament, and claiming that it’s unfair that Parliament has none. In fact, she said that in addition to the mice, cats might help get rid of some Parliament rats, as well! Anna Turley MP said that cats would not only help the mice problem, but cheer Parliament up some too!

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Battersea Dogs and Cats, whose Royal Patron is the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles, has offered several cats to Parliament, but health officials say that the only animals allowed in Parliament are guide dogs or security dogs.

Just a thought…we hear the Queen has a new corgi named Whisper. Maybe Whisper might be looking for a little snack of the rodent variety?

[Source: Telegraph]

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