Queen Elizabeth Falls in Love and Adopts a Corgi

Queen Elizabeth said a few years ago that she wouldn’t get any more pets, but she couldn’t resist adopting Whisper the Corgi.

Yes despite saying she wouldn’t have any more pets, Queen Elizabeth now has another addition to the family! Well, when it comes to pets, they can be hard to resist. And everyone knows that the Queen has a soft spot for corgis.

There’s a story behind this one though. Whisper belonged to the Queen’s gamekeeper at Sandringham, Bill Fenwick. Sadly Bill passed away in January and the Queen took on the duties of walking his corgi Whisper. Well, she soon fell in love with him!

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The Queen has had a lot of corgis over the years, but as she has gotten older she has stopped breeding them. She had concerns about having a fall while walking them, and was worried about what would happen to them should something happen to her. But, that all went out of her mind when she met Whisper. He soon found a place in her heart. She spoke to Bill’s family and they were happy for her to adopt him. Well, if you want a family pet to go to a good home, you’re not going to get much better than living with the Queen at Buckingham Palace, are you?

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So now the Queen has four dogs. Whisper, another corgi called Willow and two ‘dorgis’, that’s a corgi crossed with a dachshund. Those two are called Candy and Vulcan. Well, if you’ve got three dogs, another one surely can’t make too much difference?

I’m sure Whisper will have a great life with Queen Elizabeth and will be thoroughly spoiled!

[Source: Town&Country]

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