‘Unadoptable’ Cat Shares Special Bond With New Furever Family

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
There is a someone for everyone, and that’s no better proven with the story of a special-needs cat and a little girl with whom he shares a special bond.

Double Trouble had 99 problems, and getting adopted most certainly was one. She had no teeth, was depressed and had a terminal disease called feline infectious peritonitis. At five-years-old, it seemed that she was basically at the end of her life.

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That is, until a six-year-old girl with sensory processing disorder came into Double Trouble’s life. Jade Allen and her mother went to their local shelter last year to pet the cats. They live in Bradley, Illinois, and were checking the animals out right before the Clear the Shelters event.

They fell in love with Double Trouble, and even though Jessica’s husband Brian wasn’t necessarily sure he was the cat for them, he couldn’t help but notice the immediate bond Jade and the cat had. The staff couldn’t believe how he just crawled into Jade’s lap and purred, as he’d never done that before to anyone.

Jessica said he was theirs, plain and simple, and they renamed him Trouble, or ‘Trubs’ for short. Trubs ended up going from having nobody to love him to being the fur sibling to six humans and 10 other animals, including birds and a big dog. And yet, he fit in perfectly, putting Jade to sleep nearly every night–something she always had trouble with before.

Jessica says that Trubs waits for Jade’s brothers to go to bed, and then he waits patiently on Jade’s bed, knowing his purpose in life is to calm her down and stay by her until she’s fallen to sleep.

Life is good for Trubs as well, as he no longer requires daily meds or IV fluids and foods. Now that he has a family and purpose, he eats and drinks regularly, and is thriving in spite of his issues. So much so, that he’s even taken to mentoring Squeaks, the family kitten who doesn’t walk well and has an underdeveloped brain. He clearly knows what it’s like to struggle some, and now he is paying it forward.

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Now that Jade and Trubs are BFFs, Jessica says that her husband realized what a difference this cat makes, and what he brings to their house. The happy mom hopes that their story brings about a picture of what unconditional acceptance can look like.

If you’ve been thinking about a pet, hit the shelters this weekend, and remember–every animal deserves a loving and caring home. And don’t be surprised if they bring more to you than you do to them!

[Source: Daily Journal]

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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