US Couple Shells Out $25,000 to Clone Their Beloved Cat

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
After spending 19 years with their precious pet, a North American couple did everything they could to make sure they get more time with Cinnabun- or at least her exact living, breathing replica.

Cloning pet companions is not as rare as it used to be, with celebrities such as Barbara Streisand paving the way for others interested in genetically copying their cats or dogs. Needless to say, the opinions are still divided about the issue of cloning pets, with some considering it to be heaven sent, and others deeming it creepy or weird. For a North Carolina couple, though, the choice was clear- and they spared no expense to achieve their goal.

When Bryan and Ashley Bullerdick got married in 1999, they adopted Cinnabun from the Humane Society and purchased a Himalayan cat named Ginger through a breeder. The two cats have been by their sides through lows and the highs and the couple could imagine their lives without their furry babies in it. When Ginger passed away, Bryan was able to track down the breeder who still had the cat’s father and was able to buy another cat from her bloodline. With Cinnabon, however, their mission of finding a biologically close replacement seemed futile. That’s until they got in touch with a Texas-based cloning company ViaGen Pet. The company, which also handled Streisand’s pooch cloning, charged the couple $25,000 for their pet’s clone.

The couple hoped that Cinnabun will get to meet her copy, but it wasn’t the case. Unfortunately, Cinnabun passed after her 19th birthday and wasn’t able to meet her clone- which family says that is her uncanny replica. She even picked out the same spot where Cinnabun slept- a pillow above her owner’s head- which Bullerdicks say goes to show that similarities are not only skin deep. To boot, as the couple adopted Cinnabun when she was 9 months old, they now have the opportunity to see how she looked like as a tiny kitten, too.

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

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