Barbra Streisand Shares New Cloned Dogs With World

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Barbra Streisand’s beloved 14-year-old Coton du Tulear, Samantha, passed away, and she recently shared in an interview that has cloned two new pups from Samantha’s mouth and stomach cells.

Who of us hasn’t loved a pet so much that we’ve joked, “If only we could clone her…”? (Just me? Can’t be.) Turns out when you’re Barbra Streisand, that’s not necessarily a joke!

Jason took this pic of me holding Sammie on Mother's Day. This is the last time my picture was taken with my beloved girl Samantha. May she rest in peace. We cherish every moment of the 14 years we had with her. May 2003 – May 2017.

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The singer’s beloved Coton du Tulear dog Samantha died last year, 14-years-young and the light of Streisand’s life. So much so that Streisand had cells taken from Samantha’s mouth and stomach and had Samantha cloned.

Yes, cloned. Twice, even! I mean, when your Barbra Streisand? You can do that! (Cloning a pet is approximately $100,000 a pop!)

Our new basket of adorables

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The two dogs that Streisand shares on her Instagram account play happily alongside Streisand’s other Coton du Telear, Miss Fanny, who is a distant cousin of Samantha’s. Miss Violet and Miss Scarlet are always dressed differently so the singer can tell them apart–red for Miss Scarlett and purple for Miss Violet, appropriately.

Happy New Year from my three girls… Pink, Blue & Violet.

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Streisand shared that the dogs look so much alike, but have very different personalities, and she is waiting for them to get a bit older so she can see whether or not they resemble Samantha’s serious personality or have her brown eyes.

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