This $1.5 Million Dog Jacket is Made from Real Gold and Diamonds

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Although it’s not the most expensive product to become available for the booming pet industry market, this is definitely the priciest dog coat ever to be made. The luxurious coat is made from 24-carat gold thread and decorated with black diamonds. Because, you know, pure gold wasn’t cutting it. The jaw-dropping doggie accessory costs £1 million, which translates to a whopping $1.5 million.

But the shockingly pricey golden dog jacket is not the only model available. For pet parents who want to drape their four-legged fashionistas in gold but don’t have a million bucks laying around, the company offers “more affordable” versions of the coat, starting at just shy of $1,000 (£750).

The company behind the expensive dog coat is called Doggy Armour, and they make unpenetrable vests for canines- think of it as a stab-proof jacket, only it’s meant to keep your tiny pup from harm in case another dog attacks them. Same as their regular armor vests for dogs, the 24-carat gold model ensures maximum safety: the company claims it’s “15 times stronger than steel and eight times stronger than Kevlar”.

Although the jaw-dropping prices and the seeming frivolity of a product such as this might make you think this coat was only made to satisfy a billionaire’s whim, that’s not the case. The reason why Doggy Armour decided to produce such an extravagant dog jacket is to be able to give back more- a percentage of the profits will go to help make protective coats for anti-poaching pooches, working dogs who need canine armor more than most. These brave dogs are protecting endangered rhinos in Africa, and face poachers and wildlife dangers every day.

I guess that there’s a silver lining even when it comes to golden jackets!