10 Bouncy Dog Breeds Chasing Bubbles

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
What is it about bubbles that turns a dog of any age into a puppy? Although bubbles may be fleeting, at least we have these pictures that capture the moment forever.

1. Tiny Bubbles…

Come back, floating rainbow spheres!


2. Blowing Raspberries

I don’t particularly enjoy you, mister bubble, and so I present my tongue of resentment!

(ChristineWillis/ Flickr)

3. Prepare To Be Dinner

Nom nom nom… Mmmmmm, soapy!

( Imgur)

4. Revenge Is Nigh

You think you can escape me? I’ll show this one what I’m really made of!

(Joey Oliver/ Flickr)

5. So pretty…

Bubbles are mesmerizing… but must nom…


6. Prepare for Bubble Landing!

When the dog can’t go to the bubbles, the bubbles must come to the dog.

(Karen Lee Lewis/ Flickr)

7. Derpy Bubbles

How do bubbles work again, human?!

(Lily Alcorn/ Twitter)

8. Jumping For Joy

And I call this little number the Jump-and-Pop!

( Reddit)

9. Oh La La

These bubbles look way too pretty to eat.

( Imgur)

10. Prepare Yourself, Bubble

You’re end is here!

( Yurbed)

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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