10 Bouncy Dog Breeds Chasing Bubbles

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1. Tiny Bubbles…

Come back, floating rainbow spheres!


2. Blowing Raspberries

I don’t particularly enjoy you, mister bubble, and so I present my tongue of resentment!


3. Prepare To Be Dinner

Nom nom nom… Mmmmmm, soapy!


4. Revenge Is Nigh

You think you can escape me? I’ll show this one what I’m really made of!

(Joey Oliver/Flickr)

5. So pretty…

Bubbles are mesmerizing… but must nom…


6. Prepare for Bubble Landing!

When the dog can’t go to the bubbles, the bubbles must come to the dog.

(Karen Lee Lewis/Flickr)

7.  Derpy Bubbles

How do bubbles work again, human?!

(Lily Alcorn/Twitter)

8. Jumping For Joy

And I call this little number the Jump-and-Pop!


9. Oh La La

These bubbles look way too pretty to eat.


10. Prepare Yourself, Bubble

You’re end is here!