10 Grand German Shepherd Gifts

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
There are many reasons why the German Shepherd is one of popular dog breeds in North America. Show off your GSD pride with grand gifts and paw-rrific presents.

1. GSD “G”-Shirt

This German Shepherd t-shirt lets everyone know that your heart only beats for your protective bestie.

2. Shepherd-opoly

In this game of Mutt Monopoly, you can only buy grandiose dog houses and pet hotels… well, not really, but a girl can dream!

3. Tie Chain

Its only appropriate that you have your dog has a leash on you too, even if its in the form of this adorable gold tie chain.

4. Shepherd Pillow

Snuggle up to this throw pillow adorned with this German Shepherd’s sweet skillfully painted face.

5. Hoodie

We’re howling over this uber-cool German Shepherd hoodie.

6. Welcome Sign

All dogs and humans will know they can come on in, thanks to this sweet welcome sign.

7. GSD Leggings

They may look like normal patterned leggings from afar but step a little closer and you’ll start to see a regal-looking German Shepherd printed on every single panel.

8. Wall Clock

It’s always time for a German Shepherd with this stunning handmade oak clock.

9. Luggage Tag

If you can’t bring your GSD along on your travels, he can protect your bags with these luggage tags.

10. Wall Art

This DIY German Shepherd paper craft can be instantly downloaded, colored, printed and folded so you can have a stunning piece of wall art that you made of your pooch – all by yourself (well, mostly).

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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