10 Photogenic Pet Selfies That’ll Make You Smile

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Stop what you’re doing and look at these AWWW-dorable pet selfies (sorry, no duck lips on these camera-savvy dogs and cats)!

1. Smushed Pug

My rolls are fabulous and funny!

(Brunevess/ Instagram)

2. Ready for Romance

My name of Rover, I’m a three year old Jack Russell Terrier, and I love long naps on the couch!

(Javier Brosch/BigStockPhoto)

3. Dude, what?

Is it just me or is that camera winking at us?

(Stevecat032/ Imgur)

4. Smile!

Ma says I have a gorgeous set of pearly whites!

( Imgur)

5. PhotoBomb

The dog in the front is saying “CHEESE” but the one in the back is screaming “SAVE ME”.

( Imgur)

6. Poppin’ Peepers

Look deep into my eyes… and give me catnip!

( Reddit)

7. Bed Selfie

Did I mention I woke up like this?


8. Pretty Puss

Hashtag hashtag hashtag

(Abhinayaa/ Imgur)

9. Sneeze!

Oh no, Puss definitely needs a re-take.

10. Manny The Selfie Cat

His Instagram is out-of-this-world awesome.

(Yoremahm/ Instagram)

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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