Top Toasts to Barking Barware

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria

Let’s all raise a glass to our best friend – our dogs! And because we do everything with style, we’ll be toasting our furry BFFs with these bark-inspired barware items.

1. Bottom’s Up

Truer words have never been etched in a glass!

Available at Etsy.

2. Lolita Glassware “Love My Dog” Hand-painted Wine Glass

This beautiful hand-painted wine glass is the perfect way to show off your love for dogs while enjoying a glass of your favorite pinot noir. Blown glass 15 oz stemmed wine glasses are decorated with fun dog-themed designs including pawprints, colorful quotes and a dog collar wrapped around the top with the saying ‘It’s not drinking if my dog’s home’.

Lolita herself tracks the latest trends and colors, incorporating them into all of her designs. She injects her energy and charm into each glass, making each a unique and original work of art.

Each glass is shipped in a beautiful decorative gift box, ready to give to the dog lover in your life (or to enjoy yourself). In addition to this ‘paw-fect’ glass, a unique cocktail recipe is included under the base for you to try. But be careful, these glasses are handwash only to preserve the beautiful artwork.

3. Pooch Pint

There’s always time for one more with this Jack Russell Terrier pint glass.

Order a round at CafePress.

4. Pug Shot

From a Slippery Nipple to a straight-up tequila, knock one back in a pug shot glass!

Get your set at Etsy.

5. Pooch Hooch

Tucked away when you need a little bit of liquid courage, your floral weiner flask is always there to help.

Available at Amazon.

6. Culver Tropical Decorated Frosted Double Old Fashioned Tumbler Glasses

Did anyone say Wiener dogs in tropical outfits? No? Well, now is your chance to correct that mistake and grab these adorable double old fashioned tumbler glasses for your next luau… or Friday evening at home, works either way if we’re being honest. Made from high-quality frosted glass, these tumblers hold 13.5 US fluid ounces (400 milliliters) of your drink of choice, be it an exotic cocktail, old-fashioned liquor on rocks, or a refreshing fruit juice. The special touch- which earned these glasses a spot on our list- is the vibrant design that wraps around the glass and features adorable Dachshunds in tropical-printed shirts. Can’t get any cuter than that!

Any dog lover (and especially Doxie fans) would love these as a gift- they are fun, festive, and really well-made. Manufactured in the United States from lead-free frosted glass, Culver Old Fashioned Tumbler Glasses are dishwasher-safe (top rack) and come in a set of two glasses.

7. Drinking Divas Pardon My Frenchie Wine Glass – Stemless

What better way to express your love for your pupper than sharing some time together and downing some drinks? Show everyone that you are a true dog lover with this unique glass or at least get a smile out of it each time you toast to your four-legged bestie. This high-quality stemless glass features a dandy French Bulldog dressed like a Parisienne and it will draw an ‘awww’ from everyone who loves dogs, booze, or no booze in it. The image is followed by the message: “Pardon my Frenchie”- a pun and a pooch, what more could anyone want? Perfect for sipping cocktails, even if you’re not sitting not by the French Riviera.

Drinking Divas Pardon My Frenchie Wine Glass is made from high-quality shatterproof glass in the USA and is dishwasher safe as well. What is more, you can opt for a wine glass version – a great way to combine your love of doggos and wine into one.

8. Yester Yorkies

This vintage tumbler is reminiscent of the ’50s – complete with Yorkies and a white picket fence.

Available at Etsy.

9. Fancy Dog Moms

Fancy and funny – the two always seem to mix after a couple glasses of wine.

Uncork some at Houzz.

10. Party Pooch

Less room for booze, more room for an adorable Chihuahua!

Get them while they’re hot at Amazon.

11. Country Club Chic

Do you have a whisky lover in your family? Well, if they love their whisky as much as their pooch, they will love this whisky decanter. The Dog Decanter by Wine Savant holds 500mL of their favorite booze (it doesn’t have to be whisky). It is intricately handcrafted with borosilicate glass, and the booze pours from the tail of the pup.

Not only is this decanter cool, it’s also an eye-grabbing piece for your bar, office, or any place else. It’s a great gift for dog lovers and liquor lovers alike as it can hold wine or other liquor in a unique and interesting way. Pair it with a set of whisky ice cubes and decanter whisky glasses with the dog’s name or the human’s initials on it to make for an amazing and perfect gift for dog lovers, veterinarians, and whisky aficionados alike.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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