12 Pooped Pooches That Really Needed a Nap

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Let sleeping dog lie, no matter where they end up. But if they knew we took pictures of them while they slept (FYI: Not creepy), they may want to keep one eye open next nap time.

1. I Believe I Can… ZZZZZZZZ

Soaring off to sweet dreams, no doubt.

(KatzAnd/ WeHeartIt)

2. Take a Seat

My, what big teeth you have, sleepy!

( DailyDawdle)

3. Furry Arm Rest

I hope you didn’t need to get out of the car any time soon.

( BoredPanda)

4. Stair Master

It’s the canine version of a Slinky.

( BlazePress)

5. Pillow Talk

Everyone who’s tired, raise your butt.

(Poached_Polyps/ Imgur)

6. Workin’ It

There’s no excuse not to work your core.

(DaveTheWall/ Imgur)

7. K9 Cuddler

He’s got your back, no matter where you’re stationed.

( Rover)

8. Contortionist

Someone, quick, get this pooch a chiropractor!

( DailyDawdle)

9. Perfect Chompers

Sleep-eating is a hard habit to break.

(Digital_Cake/ Imgur)

10. Pose!

You must always be prepared for a photo shoot.

( Buzzfeed)

11. Defying Gravity

Stuck in the middle with you!

( Pinterest)

12. Behind Bars

This bad-to-the-bone doggo is so bad-ass, she learned how to sleep between bars.

( Imgur)

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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