2 Humans + 8 Dogs = 1 Big Custom Bed

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A New York couple knows that there’s nothing like your dog comfy-cozy in your bed, but add eight pups and it’s a challenge. Custom-made bed to the rescue!

Chris and Mariesa Hughes love dogs. They run the Mr. Mo Project, which is a rescue for sweet senior dogs, and they have eight of their own:Gremlin, Mabel, Meatball, Money, Quinn, Sam, Tejas, and The Stig.

They know how important it was for their pups to be as comfy as could be, and have been seen all over social media piled all over the Hughes’s bed.

The problem was that there wasn’t much room for Chris and Mariesa! And you KNOW that dogs are not going to give up their ‘spot’ for anyone!

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Enter in Mike Ford, local craftsman who owns a small handcrafted furniture business. A dog- lover himself with a soft spot for senior pups, Ford created the perfect solution: a custom-made bed that fits the Hughes AND all eight of the dogs. Ford recently had to put his senior dog Bailey down, and he really related to what the couple wanted to do for their dogs.

The ultimate dog/human bed took Ford four weeks to create, and is made up of one ‘normally oriented’ king-sized bed. At the end is another full-sized bed oriented horizontally so that the Hughes and their pups have plenty of foot/lounging space. The 14-foot bed is even customize with drawers that act as stairs for the pups to climb on up as well as storage.

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Ford even gave it a very special and unique custom mark. When his Bailey passed, his vet gave him a clay cast of Bailey’s paw. Fod thought it would be a nice way to honor Bailey by carving his paw on the solid cherry bed post and Chris and Mariesa of course loved it!

Some of the older, bigger dogs were not previously able to get on the bed easily, and this new bed works out perfectly for them all. Chris says that they all know when it’s time for bed, and they all race back to find the perfect spot–which is much easier now!

Making adjustments to accommodate their furry kids is nothing new to the couple though, as they once had a dog in a wheelchair who needed a ramp in the backyard. They had a made-to-scale ramp created just for him. It’s clear their hearts are with senior dogs and want to make sure their lives are as great as they can be.

A custom-made bed for all to share. Sweet Dreams, Sweet Pups!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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