7 Cool Facts About The Havanese Dog Breed

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Boasting a low-shedding coat, a sparkling personality and a quickness to learn, the Havanese makes an amazing addition to any family. Here are a few cool facts we found about this popular breed.

A wonderful companion and dedicated lap dog, the Havanese breed has captured the hearts of many… and for good reason! These loveable little balls of fur seems to make BFFs with everyone they meet, whether they be human or animal.

You may already know about the Havanese thanks to their bubbly personality and their hypoallergenic coat. But there’s much more to this dog then just looks.

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Cuba is known for its fabulous beaches, killer cigars and a rum that I can personally attest to as being the best the islands have to offer. But did you know that Cuba also has a lesser known export that is smaller than a breadbox and cuter than a tamale; the Havanese. Also known as the Havana Silk Dog, this little guy is the national dog of Cuba and back in the ‘50s, when the Cuban revolution turned the island into a communist state, the upper class fled to America and Europe with these pooches in tow.

Here are a few fun facts about this little guy:

  • He is the only breed considered native to Cuba.
  • In spite of their mini size, these dogs are easily trainable and often used as service dogs. In Great Britain, a Havanese was recently accepted into the Hearing Ear Program to be trained as a service dog for the hearing impaired.
  • Their trainable nature has also resulted in them being used to sniff out mold and termites, herd ducks and even work as circus performers.
  • Famous pet parents of Havanese pooches include: Barbara Walters, Venus Williams, Joan Rivers, Queen Anne, Queen Victoria, Charles Dickens and Ernest Hemingway.

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  • It’s normal for their skin to have freckles.
  • They are part of the Bichon family and have gone by such names as the Havanese Cuban Bichon, Bichon Havanais, Bichon Havanês, Havaneser, and Bichon Habanero.
  • The breed came close to extinction in the ‘50s and ‘60s however three families who left Cuba for the US, built the breed back up and it was ultimately recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1999.

Tell us about your Havenese – what makes him so unique? And feel free to post pictures, because we love to see our community’s furbabies!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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