8 Fun And Fluffy Facts About Maltese Dogs

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
An adorable ball of fur, the Maltese has a lot going for him – perhaps more than you know. Amaze your friends with these interesting facts about the popular dog breed.

So you hop onto the elevator, hit your floor button and turn around to realize that it’s just you and your company CEO. You both shuffle your feet, stare into your smartphones and glance periodically at the panel to gauge the painfully slow ascent. Suddenly the car lurches and stops. Crap, you’re stuck in an elevator with the CEO and for the next 20 minutes you must make small talk that makes you sound both clever and worldly. This is just one of those life moments that makes you wish you had a secrete cache of fascinating trivia. Something unique, something others are unlikely to be aware of but that will leave them spell-bound as you regale stat after stat after stat. Yes, it’s Maltese dog trivia and it’s guaranteed to help you win friends, influence people and kill time.

Fact Did you know that the Maltese dog is the oldest of the toy breeds and has been around for more than 28 centuries? Rumor has it they originated on the Island of Malta and the little guys were brought back to England by the early crusaders, becoming a favorite of the wealthy and fashionable. And, methinks, the ladies who welcomed those ancient sailors back home….

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Fact The wealthiest Maltese pooch is named “Trouble”. He was the much-loved fur child of billionaire New York City Hotelier, Leona Helmsley (aka The Queen of Mean) and when she died back in 2007 she bequeathed an estimated $12 million of her fortune to the care and comfort of wee Trouble.

Fact The nose of a Maltese dog can change color depending on whether he is in sunlight or shade. Unfortunately there is no data on whether it grows if he lies or eats the cat’s food.

Fact #4: At some point in their lives, Josephine Bonaparte, Marie Antoinette, Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria all cuddled up at night with a Maltese dog. In fact, it’s rumored that Mary Queen of Scots actually carried her little guy with her as she walked to the chopping block!

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Fact If you were a Maltese poochie in Greece, you were guaranteed a top dog send-off when your time came. The Greeks commemorated their little guys with special tombs.

Fact In 264 B.C., Callimachus was the first writer to make note of the use of Maltese for medicinal purposes. The Maltese dog was laid upon the stomach or chest of the afflicted and his warmth was thought to help ease the pain. Hmmm, perhaps this was a precursor to the first “hot dog”?

Fact Some of the A-list celebs who have co-habited with a Maltese include Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Fonda, Ellen de Generes, Jessica Simpson, Elizabeth Taylor.

Fact A Maltese dog by the name of Lucky was authenticated by Guinness Book of Records as having been photographed with the most celebrities – a whopping 363. To date, this mini pooch has sat on the laps of Kim Kardashian, Kristin Stewart, Richard Branson, Bill Clinton, Hugh Grant…. and counting.

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